Reselling Portable Plants & Buying Preowned Crushing Equipment

Portable crushing plants like those that Eagle Crusher manufactures are engineered to be high quality and heavy-duty products in order to withstand the extreme amounts of wear and tear associated with crushing and screening materials like aggregate, concrete, and asphalt.

Because portable crushing and screening plants can retain much of their value over the course of their lifetime when well maintained, the opportunity to resell portable plants and to buy preowned crushing equipment can sometimes become an attractive choice for aggregate producers, C&D recyclers, and other customers looking to capitalize on that value.

Reselling Portable Plants & Buying Preowned Crushing Equipment

When producers understand that the option of reselling portable plants and crushing equipment exists before making the initial investment, it can introduce flexibility to the overall budget of a project or operation.

When a crushing project comes to a close or an operation upgrades to newer crushing equipment, the resale of a portable plant may return valuable capital to the company from the initial investment that can then be used for other expenditures.

If a producer is working with a tighter budget from the start, exploring the possibility of buying preowned portable plants and crushing equipment may be an advantageous option as the initial investment would be reduced.

This can also be beneficial for producers who may need a portable plant with certain capabilities that are appropriate for their project but may be outside of their budget.

Eagle Crusher equipment is built stronger to retain value longer, meaning an increased return on investment, even years after initial purchase, when well maintained. When looking at preowned Eagle Crusher equipment, the same strength built into Eagle Crusher plants mean they will continue to work for many additional years.

For additional information on reselling portable plants and buying preowned crushing equipment, we encourage you to contact Eagle Crusher to speak with a Team Eagle representative who will be happy to work with you.

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