Sorting Rebar and Metal Contaminants When Crushing Concrete

In the crushing industry, C&D recycling has grown in popularity in recent years for its significant waste-saving results; millions of tons of concrete and asphalt are able to be diverted from landfills every year which results in big savings for companies and taxpayers.

Crushing concrete in particular is beneficial as demolished buildings and roads can then be recycled into new projects to be used for decades to come. One challenge however in concrete crushing is sorting out rebar and other metal contaminants from production.

Sorting Rebar and Metal Contaminants When Crushing Concrete

Generally, many horizontal shaft impactors (HSI) and jaw crushers, including those made by Eagle Crusher, are able to process appropriately sized rebar with few consequences; although, the possibility exists for rebar to pierce conveyor belts, interrupting crushing operations.

Additionally, rebar in concrete can also jam up open-rotor impactors and jaw crushers from time to time. These issues are why it is valuable to manage rebar and other metal contaminants before they become a problem for your production. However, Eagle Crusher’s solid-steel rotors are generally free of this issue as rebar cannot become twisted within the rotor.

Often, C&D recyclers will sort out uncrushable material like rebar before they feed it into production. Rebar that is longer than the feed opening or too thick in diameter should be removed prior to the concrete being processed.

However, some rebar is free to enter the crusher depending on its size and the capabilities of the impactor or jaw crusher. Producers should remain aware of the potential issues processing rebar can cause and be mindful during operations.

Eagle Crusher offers a variety permanent and electromagnetic attachments that can remove rebar and metal contaminants from the material stream after crushing. Producers typically have these magnets pull the metal into adjacent dumpsters for efficient relocation and transportation purposes.

Overall, sorting out rebar and metal contaminants will result in better production for your crushing operations. For more information on managing metal as well as magnet attachments, we invite you to contact Eagle Crusher to speak with a Team Eagle representative.

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