The Importance of Maintaining Your Screening Systems

Screen Maintenance

Crushing and screening plants are manufactured to withstand heavy amounts of wear from abrasive materials like aggregate and concrete on a daily basis; but even the most heavy-duty machines require regular maintenance to continue performing at their best.

One component that comes into contact with these abrasive materials more than others in any crushing operation is the screen cloth as they serve to separate the aggregate. It is for this reason that maintaining the screen cloths on your portable plants is crucial to continue effective operations.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Screening Systems

Understanding the structure of your screen cloth is key to conducting proper maintenance as screening systems can be manufactured from a variety of materials, like wire cloth. If you know what your screen cloth is made of, then you will have a better idea of how long it is intended to be used before being worn out and replaced.

If you know the life expectancy of your screen, you can better supervise its condition throughout day-to-day operations. If you begin to notice that the screen is wearing through more quickly than it should be, this could indicate that there is an issue to address, like material being improperly loaded to only one side of the screen.

When a screen is being installed or replaced, one of the more important variables to consider is its tension and support levels within the machine. Improper tension levels can greatly reduce the life of a screen and increase unexpected downtime.

Additionally, it is recommended to regularly check the lubrication and oil levels of your vibrating screen components so that they continue to function as expected. Just as well, resolving any unusual material buildups along screens can deter foreign materials from interfering with these same components. These activities should be done during daily maintenance checks or when buildup is noticed on the screen after the equipment is properly shut down and is locked and tagged out.

Working with your screen supplier to develop a reliable replacement schedule can be a valuable step toward making sure that your screening systems are ready for the job, instead of waiting for an unexpected interruption.

Proper maintenance of your screening systems will go a long way to ensure that your production line remains up and crushing. If you have questions about screens, we invite you to contact us and speak with a Team Eagle representative.

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