The Power of Portable Crusher Plants

The Power of Portable Impactor Plants

Crushing jobs like aggregate production, concrete recycling, and asphalt recycling, among others, generally require special material processing equipment like impactor plants or jaw crusher plants that can vary from project to project.

One of the more popular choices for most any material processing job is the portable crusher plant, a machine with unique characteristics that can provide immense value on the job site.

The Power of Portable Crusher Plants

Whether equipped with a horizontal-shaft impactor, jaw crusher, or cone crusher, portable crusher plants are first and foremost engineered to be transported efficiently. For example, portable plants like the kind that Eagle Crusher manufactures are set on a multi-wheel chassis for simple towing.

Because portable crusher plants are able to be moved so easily, it allows these machines to be installed closer to material extraction points and resource stockpiles which saves costs in transferring materials like aggregate and recycled concrete and asphalt to the crusher by extraneous loaders or conveyors.

The misconception exists that portable crusher plants have to sacrifice production power in the name of their transportation capabilities; however, this is not the case. Over the years, the crusher manufacturing industry has made significant strides in engineering portable crusher plants that are just as effective as their stationary counterparts, if not more powerful, depending on the circumstances.

Another benefit that the mobility of portable crusher plants provides is versatility in configuring optimal open or closed circuit systems. Crushing jobs demand unique sets of equipment and having the ability to efficiently swap in and out secondary or even tertiary portable crusher plants empowers businesses to achieve their operation’s true potential.

One other advantage that portable crusher plants can provide is their high resale value. Due to their exceptional durability and impressive life spans, portable crusher plants can retain their value over the course of many, many years—enabling customers to reclaim a high percentage of their initial investment when the job is done.

For more information about how portable crusher plants, like the ones that Eagle Crusher manufactures, could make an impact on your operation, we invite you to contact us to and speak with a Team Eagle sales representative.

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