What Are Screens and What Can They Do for You?

Hopper with Screen

Among the impactors, crushers, and conveyors exist an essential component in the process of processing and sorting material like aggregate: screens. Available in a variety of quantities and sizes, screens serve as a sieve of sorts that filter smaller rocks from larger rocks amid the crushing process to yield specific sizes that producers desire.

On machines like portable crusher plants, screens can be installed before and after the crushing component, depending on the desired output, in order to maximize efficiency.

What Are Screens and What Can They Do for You?

Screens used in crushing operations are generally large panels of interwoven material like metal wire set atop each other with varying sizes of openings that allow specific sizes of rock to fall through them for processing.

Screens are typically either inclined or horizontal and vibrate to enable material like rocks to flow across them effectively. As the rocks move across the vibrating screen, rocks that are smaller than the specified openings in the wire panels fall through to the next component.

For example, a portable plant may have a 3-deck set of screens installed after an impactor that separates the rock into several groups. The top screen could prevent larger rock from falling through in order to return it the impactor for further crushing. The middle screen may direct the next largest rock size to a conveyor for stacking, while the bottom screen catches the smallest desired rock size, allowing fines and dust to fall through.

Additionally, a portable plant may also have a grizzly deck installed before its impactor, which is a specific type of screening system that is used to separate very large rocks from its smaller counterparts. When paired with its own screen below, grizzly decks can be useful tools in reducing redundant crushing on the job, as they are separating material before it even enters the impactor.

Finally, screens can also exist as stand-alone plants that are part of a larger open-circuit crushing system. This enables producers to generate an even wider range of sized material when receiving material conveyed from a portable crusher plant.

All in all, screens are important components of the crushing process and offer immense value for producers who are looking to generate a wide range of rock sizes as efficiently as possible.

Eagle Crusher manufactures portable crusher plants with Deister Machine vibrating screens that offer superior quality and performance. For more information about screens and what they can do for your crushing operation, we invite you to contact us to speak with a Team Eagle representative.

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